Some would consider me that guy from Fine Woodworking’s videos and podcast. Technically, I am FWW’s “Digital Brand Manager”. I handle all of Fine Woodworking’s digital entities–videos, podcast, blogs, and social media feeds–all feed through me in one way or another.

But what does it really mean? It means that I’m a professional hobbyist woodworker. I get paid to educate and entertain woodworkers. In doing so, I am surrounded by some of the finest craftspeople that have ever put an edge to wood. I act as their conduit. Bringing their genius into the homes and workshops of hundreds of thousands of people is an honor. Sometimes I feel like it’s a masters degree in woodworking, with health insurance.

I spent my 20’s working in Nashville’s studios. I recorded, mixed, or produced dozens of incredible records, and a few really bad ones. After the birth of my son, the passion for music (and the lifestyle that went with it) faded. I now call myself a reformed recording engineer/producer.

These days I am a wanna-be luthier. Combining two passions–woodworking and music–has resulted in a new-found obsession making ukuleles. It has relit and refocused my love of music. It has made me a more versatile and fearless woodworker. Sometimes things come full circle, although this one feels like an infinity symbol ( ∞ ).

My greatest talent is my ability to surround myself with people far more talented than I am.

Few get more worked up about a good hardware store than I do. Instagram is the best place to keep up with me.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a luckier guy than I am. Meet my family for proof.

-The opinions and thoughts found here and in my various social media feeds are my own.