52 Spoons: Spoon #2

I’ve always found the Swedish spoon to be a beautiful form, and to me, it’s shown in it’s best light as an eating spoon. Spoon #2 might have been my first real attempt at an eating spoon. The trouble with eating spoons is that like anything your make, they have to look right, but more importantly, they have to feel right to both the hand and the mouth. The mouth feel the most important part of the equation. If a spoon isn’t comfortable to use it is destined for a life on in a drawer.

This spoon turned out ok, an up until this point, it was my best effort. It irritates me that I fell into a cliche beginners trap. Everyone says that beginners always make spoon bowls too deep. I have heard it many times and always said, “oh no, not me. I won’t do that” and I did it.  I was conscience about it too while carving. Oh well, I’ll get it right on the next one*.

That’s one of the best things about spoon carving. It’s rare that you have more that a couple of hours into a spoon, so it is easy to experiment. There is little fear of ruining a spoon, because you know that you could get back there again. Mike Pekovich often says that he is envious of ceramicists because they can make many pieces in a day, giving them the ability to explore with less consequence. Furniture makers can have weeks if not months into a piece, so you are conscience of that time and work when weighing risks. 

The decorative carving on this spoon was inevitable. While this spoon was waiting on it’s final embellishment I went on a work trip. As part of that trip, I spent a couple of days hanging out with–and pointing a camera at–Danielle Rose Byrd. Danielle is one of my favorite artists working in wood. Her carving is very geometric and fun. The handle carving on this spoon is a poor excuse at copying her style. 

2 down, 50 to go

*I didn’t


Wood: Autumn Olive
Tools: Mora 106, Robin Wood compound curve hook knife, Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

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